We are a small team of shoppers who with experience and deep interest in online shopping, turned in product and deal experts. When shopping on Amazon and other websites, we were often BAFFLED by the number of products available. What made it even more baffling were the variables such as changing prices, product specifications, deals, discounts, coupons, user reviews, brands, and more.

After years of shopping, we learned how to find the best deals and products from so many options available We also learned how to decipher user reviews and complex technical product specifications and details. We then felt we could help the online shopping community by finding the best products and deals from Amazon based on our review, research, and careful analysis and recommending these products on our website. We created a simple and easy-to-read website without content clutter, getting straight to the point and showing the best products and deals, and categorizing them for each search. To support this project and to make it a for-profit venture, we started working with the Amazon Associates Program.

We go through thousands of products and attempt to find the best ones. Our review are mostly online, which includes going through various keyword searches on Amazon, going over many products, reading about the products in detail, reading user reviews, comparing options and prices, and recommending the best products and deals based on our analysis and opinion.

We hope to help online shoppers find the best deals and best products and save money.